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Back Office Definition & Meaning in Stock Market with Example

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what does backoffice mean

Settlements, approvals, record keeping, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services are all examples of back-office tasks. The back Office is termed so because companies generally have a distinct physical separation between the front office (receptionist, customer support, etc.) and the Back Office. Outsource Accelerator provides you the best customer service outsourcing companies in the Philippines, where you can save up-to 70% on staffing cost. We have over 3,000 articles, 200+ podcast episodes, and a comprehensive directory with 700+ BPOs… all designed to make it easier for clients to learn about, and engage with, outsourcing.

The back office is the backend business process that delivers quality products and services that meet clients’ requirements. The location of both business processes also differs between the front and back offices. Back offices are that part of an organisation that is responsible for performing all the operations related functions. They are not visible to the client, but they are an essential part of the organisation which ensures smooth functioning of all the departments. The job titles of back office executives are generally categorised under operations.

Techopedia Explains Back Office Application

While the front office deals directly with clients and customers, the Back Office handles all the administrative tasks. Though Back Office employees do not interact with customers, they are in close coordination with the front and middle office employees. The back office includes compliance, human resources, accounting, operations management, and information technology departments. While many businesses only consist of the front and back offices, some institutions, like investment or financial services firms, also have a middle office.

Instead, organizations can hold their business operations on a remote setup, most usually having their teams in an office provided by the BPO firm. Since outsourcing companies hire and produce experts in the field, clients can assure better results in their operations – whether in customer service, accounting, or marketing. Their staffs are trained to ensure that their clients achieve the outcome they expect. Business process outsourcing happens when a business taps a third-party service provider to operate some of its internal processes.

What is the role of back office executives?

Due to their involvement in cost savings rather than revenue, generation, and earnings, personnel in the back office, on average, earn far less than employees in the front office. The front and back office roles differ in many business and financial organizations. These major differences represent the main focus of the following subsections. Additionally, the back office helps to ensure that the organization is maximizing its resources and taking full advantage of opportunities in the market.

what does backoffice mean

The back office is also responsible for trade clearances, record maintenance, accounting, and IT services. is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. In the dynamic and risky business environment, the back offices ensure that the firm complies with all the regulations and rules and maintain the operations of a firm.

Other Word Forms of Back Office

Lastly, BPO vendors with loose security compliance could risk getting their client’s data exposed and used for malicious purposes. Over the years, outsourcing has been the go-to strategic practice for businesses looking to scale their operations effectively. Former US President Barack Obama says that jobs that have been outsourced cannot be brought back to the country. Once showed an unsteady growth, the global outsourcing market spiked to US$245.9 billion in 2021.

  • The back office is also responsible for trade clearances, record maintenance, accounting, and IT services.
  • In general, the backoffice provides the required documentation and technical support to the front office to facilitate the course of work and the business transactions.
  • A back office in most corporations is where work that supports front office work is done.
  • Most outsourcing companies have an experienced recruitment team that is capable of hiring certified public accountants and finance professionals that are adept and experienced in the field.

Georgia loves her job, and she is a team player with the skills to efficiently bring together the backoffice tasks with the front office responsibilities. Some firms offer incentives to employees and applicants who accept remote positions. For example, a financial services firm that requires high-level accounting could offer a $500-per-month housing subsidy to experienced CPAs to work from home. If it costs $1,000 per month to secure office space per individual, a housing subsidy of $500 per month would result in an overall savings of $6,000 per year. The cost savings can be significant when employing many remote professionals.

The Back Office is made up of the administrative areas of an office that help the front and middle offices run smoothly. Professionals in the Back Office, as the name implies, do not communicate directly with clients or consumers. If a regulatory compliance manager fails to do their work properly, it will be impossible for an office to function.

In the case of content providers, these could mean hiring writers, remote editors, or virtual assistants. The country’s wide pool of BPO firms makes sure that their representatives are competent enough to handle the client’s needs. Back office support is the work that enables other people to get the job done. It’s important because without it, no one will be able to do their job very well. Data analysts are in charge of interpreting data, analyzing data, and putting data gathering systems in place. Because they mostly work on the company’s accounts, financial assistants must be detail-oriented, well-organized, and have excellent analytical abilities.

Why is back office important?

The new breed of large companies are still taking advantage of its benefits and use it to expand their offerings further. A BPO company enables them to leverage the skills of other specialist companies on more complex tasks such as accounting and IT. They ensure the best operational structure, competitive pricing structure, proven processes, back office accounting and guaranteed results with their operational overseers. With the use of outsourced accounting technology and software, managerial accounting can be done seamlessly and accurately. Dashboards compile and update your key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place so that business leaders can access any financial information anytime.

what does backoffice mean

Moreover, back offices also help in identifying the areas where improvement is required as the research team is also part of the back office. Lastly, back offices allocate the company’s resources which in effect control the company’s cost. Overall, the back office plays a vital role in any business, allowing companies to operate efficiently and effectively while also supporting their core operations. While the front office gets most of the attention, the back office is essential to the success of any business. The back office supports front-office activities and ensures that operations run smoothly. For example data sharing would be useful in the case of a shared customer name and address database where several back office applications could access the same data.

The administration of a company happens in the back office, which is the unit involved in producing goods or services. The function of the employees in this section is to assist the front office in ensuring a seamless business running. It includes anything that has to do with accounting, management, regulatory compliance, and IT operations. Some examples of Back Office positions are finance assistants, human resource assistants, staff accountants, security operations managers, data analysts, operation managers, and so on.

  • The back office is also called “administrative support” or “administrative services,” and it includes jobs like human resources, payroll, data entry, and accounting, among others.
  • Real estate marketing professionals frequently interact with sales agents to create attractive and relevant marketing materials.
  • It is used in risk assessment, tracking, and calculating profits and losses.
  • Back offices have gained significant attention in recent times as they are responsible for securing and maintaining the company’s information and data.
  • The front office is a business process involved in revenue driving and customer or client experience activities in a company.